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Stop Smoking FAQ

  1. What is a FAQ?
  2. What is Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?
  3. What are the basic rules of "Netiquette"?
  4. How do I access the newsgroup?
  5. Why Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?
  6. I need help!
  7. Who runs the group?
  8. Does AS3 have a political agenda?
  9. What's the discussion like?
  10. When can I start posting?
  11. What are some of the quirky phrases and eccentricities I'll find on AS3?
  12. How can I tell if I'm addicted and what does it take to become addicted?
  13. When I quit, will I be a NON- or an EX-smoker?
  14. What is the Quit List?
  15. What is the Milestones List?
  16. What is the AS3 COMPOST?
  17. Are there other related groups or information sources?
  18. Can you recommend any books on quitting smoking?
  19. Is there anything fun about quitting smoking?
  20. Why is quitting smoking so difficult?
  21. I smoke lights. Aren't they safer?
  22. Are cigars any better?
  23. Should I switch from smoking to smokeless (chewing) tobacco?
  24. How can I prepare to quit smoking or chewing tobacco?
  25. How long will the physical withdrawal last?
  26. Can't I have just one last one?
  27. What is the best method for quitting?
  28. How do I avoid relapsing during stressful times?
  29. I dreamt I smoked!
  30. What is your quit smoking mantra?
  31. What about weight gain?
  32. But I don't want to gain weight!
  33. Just how does smoking harm my health?
  34. Just what am I inhaling/ingesting when I smoke?
  35. What are some of the less publicized health risks of smoking?
  36. How do the numbers from smoking-related deaths compare to other causes of death?
  37. What is metastasis?
  38. What if I quit ... will I ever get better?
  39. OK, I quit. Why do I feel worse?
  40. On the other hand ... why do I feel so potent?
  41. I've smoked for so many years, what's the point of quitting now?
  42. Will it ever get any easier?
  43. How can I urge someone to quit smoking, or encourage someone who is trying to quit?