be good to yourself...


Can't I have just one last one?

And then what? You don't want just one more, you want every one. The nicotine addiction is a very clever animal which is capable of putting strange thoughts into your head, such as: It's been three months since I quit; let me smoke one just to make certain I'm not addicted anymore.

Or: I haven't smoked in six months; let me remind myself how much I hate it.

Or: Now that I have a decade of smobriety behind me, I can be a social smoker.

There is simply no reason to smoke 'just one more' cigarette. You prove that you're not addicted by not taking the drug. And you know you'll never be a social smoker. And if you really listen to yourself, you also know that 9.99 times out of 10, a social smoker is an addict in the making.

It is not safe to smoke even a single cigarette as this could send you right back to smoking as much or even more than you did prior to quitting. Furthermore, it's not sensible. There is no reason to consume tobacco, and very reason not to. Remember: You're only a puff away from a pack a day. And if you don't believe this FAQ, read AS3; you'll see stories of people who found that just one cigarette was enough to send them back into smoking even after years of not smoking. Here's Mona's experience:

"My experience during the nine years I was smober was that I almost never thought about cigs in any way remotely like I wanted one. In fact, that quit, after even the first couple months, I was so damned proud of myself that even if the junkie old part of myself momentarily thought it wanted a cig, I was clear that I was very happy to be a non-smoker, and that 'urge' just went away, nearly instantly.

"Of course, the fact I'm here, quitting again, the 13th time in my life, is proof that, on some days nearly anyone can be unconscious or stupid or downhearted enough that the cig devil sees his opportunity -- the old junkie (me) who used the cig as emotional comfort encourages one to have one, don't worry, you've quit all these years, you don't have to smoke tomorrow, just let yourself have one now, when you 'need it'. HAH!

"I hope I'll never be that unsuspecting again! I hate quitting, and love being smober."