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Cream of Tartar

A few of us (myself included) saw this remedy presented on some breakfast television-type show, and one poster shared his experience:

Mark wrote:

"Well, I am getting ready to quit ... I have been using the cream of tarter for a few days now. What you do is take 1/2 teaspoon in a glass of orange juice, and it pulls the nicotine out of your system. You might sweat it out at night or urinate more. You can buy cream of tarter at the grocery store at the cooking spices. Cream of tarter is used to make meringues have more holding power and also is a component of baking powder (if I remember correctly). It is natural, as it is the dried powder of the remnants left in wine vats, from grapes. The idea is to smoke only when you actually crave ... not habit but craving. As you do this each day, you crave less and less as more and more nicotine has left your body. The eventual idea is to work your nicotine level to a tolerable and controllable level, that you can then quit completely. Without the terrible full strength withdrawal. I recommend it. It is an inexpensive way that might work for some. I would be interested in hearing from those that try it. My neighbors tried it with some success, however, they did not want to quit smoking at the time. They did, however, notice a difference."