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Herbal Teas. Excerpt from: Using Herbs To Quit Smoking by Elizabeth Phillips, "The Herb Quarterly"(ISSN 0163-9900), Winter 1993.

A regimen of teas to take for a few weeks:

  • First thing in the morning to relax: 1/2 teaspoon valerian root; 1/2 teaspoon chamomile
  • 11 AM to aid in withdrawal: 1/2 teaspoon licorice root; 1/2 teaspoon comfrey
  • Noon to cleanse blood: 1/2 teaspoon black cohosh; 1/2 teaspoon burdock root
  • 2:30 PM to clear lungs: 1/2 teaspoon slippery elm; 1/2 teaspoon fenugreek. NOTE: if after two days you are not coughing or bringing up mucous, you can discontinue this tea)
  • 4:00 PM to aid in quitting: 1/2 teaspoon magnolia; 1/2 teaspoon peppermint
  • 6:00 PM to boost immune system: 1 teaspoon of Echinacea in a cup of boiling water

These teas are brewed for ten minutes in four ounce teacups. Of course there are always words of caution: check with your doctor before trying any herbal remedy. Do not mix herbal remedies with over-the-counter prescription medication. If you have allergies to ragweed or hay fever to not take chamomile. You can substitute skullcap. If you have heart problems do not take licorice root or goldenseal tabs. If you have high blood pressure do not take vitamin E capsules. I would further recommend that you get a copy of this article ... this tea regimen is for 3 WEEKS ONLY.

Thanks to the original poster, Barbara R.