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But I don't want to gain weight!

Contributed by Susan

"Another person in the ng who wanted this information thought others would be interested, so I am passing it along. Walking has helped me a lot, both on the stress side and to avoid gaining weight.

Smoking fact: A smoker who smokes 20 cigarettes per day burns approximately 200 calories more each day than if he/she were a non-smoker.

To eliminate that 200 calorie gain, use the calculation below:

A person weighing 140 pounds who walks 3 miles [roughly 5km] per hour (a 20 minute mile) will burn about 95 calories per mile. 45 minutes at this pace will result in about 2 miles being walked, or 215 calories burned. This alone will prevent weight gain after quitting. Just walk a little longer or a little faster to lose weight. Also remember that 3,500 calories need to be expended or eliminated from the diet per pound of weight. I personally much prefer working out to giving up calories!

At 120 lbs, a person walking at 3 mph will burn 80 calories. For every 10lbs you weigh over 120, add 5 calories burned."