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This information was supplied by Carolina Johnson. It is of use mostly to those in the U.S. and Canada; I would welcome receiving information on similar organizations from our members in other parts of the world.

American Lung Association, 1740 Broadway New York, NY 10019. (212) 315-8700

The American Lung Assoc. sponsors stop-smoking groups in most cities. It also publishes an excellent guide to quitting, Freedom from Smoking for You and Your Family. This book guides readers through a step-by-step 20 day program that leads to quitting and provides guidelines for remaining a non-smoker. The book is available from your local chapter of the American Lung Assoc. (consult your telephone directory for the address and phone number) or from their national headquarters at the address above.

American Cancer Society, 4 West 35th Street New York NY 10001. (212) 736-3030.

Local affiliates of the ACS sponsor a four-session stop smoking program called "Fresh-Start." Sessions last one hour each and extend over two-week period. Sessions focus on behavior modification, goal setting, mastering obstacles, and social support. The ACS also publishes a free handbook for potential quitters, the "I QUIT KIT", which is available from your local chapter (consult your telephone directory for the address and phone number) or from their national headquarters at the address listed above.

The Breathe-Free Plan to Stop Smoking Narcotics Education Inc., 6830 Laurel Street, N.W., Washington DC 20012.

Many local affiliates of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church run a highly recommended program that is usually led by a pastor physician team. The Breathe-Free Plan to Stop Smoking is based on motivation, lifestyle, modification, values clarification, modelling, visualization, affirmation, positive thinking, and self-rewards. There is also an optional nondenominational spiritual component. The plan consists of 8 sessions that take place over three weeks, with periodic phone contacts for one year thereafter. Prospective group members are invited to attend the first two sessions before making a decision as to whether to register for the remainder of the course. During the 3rd week a graduation ceremony is held. Successful quitters receive a BNS (Bachelor of Nonsmoking degree) during the 3rd week. MNS (Master of Non-Smoking) degrees are awarded at six months, and DNS (Doctor of Nonsmoking) degrees at 12 months.

Smokers Anonymous, PO Box 25335, West Los Angeles CA 90025. This group provides information on starting your own support group. They will also let you know if there is a Smokers Anon group in your area. Write to them at the above address enclosing a self-addressed stamped envelope.

[N.B.: This is not the same organization as Nicotine Anonymous, a 12-steprecovery program. - ed.]