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What are some of the quirky phrases and eccentricities I'll find on AS3?

During the life of the newsgroup certain phrases and customs unique to AS3 have developed. They are, among others I may have overlooked:

Clubs, Groups, 1010ers, Septenders, Rising Spirits, etc.

Often, a few people decide to quit on the same day and they form a subgroup of quit buddies. The first of these (in my recollection) were the 1010ers (The First Generation), a group who quit on 10 October 1994.


This term is taken from the 12-step program Nicotine Anonymous, and refers to smoke-free existence.

Baby Steps

A philosophy introduced by group member Mary Jane Patterson that encourages people to overcome the obstacles of smoking cessation one baby step at a time. It worked for Mary Jane, who has been smober since September 1994!


Various important milestones in a person's quit. FWD is First Week Done, frequently one of the most satisfying milestones for a quitting smoker who previously couldn't have imagined going a day without a cigarette, much less a week. It also marks, especially for those quitting cold turkey, the end of the period with the most intense drug withdrawal symptoms. "OF" is an Old Fogie; you become an OF upon the first anniversary of your quit. It involves a great deal of hooplah and signifies your admittance to the AS3 Hot Tubs and, frequently, fabulous virtual prizes by those in the group! "DOF" is Double Old Fogie, received on the second anniversary. "VOF" is Very Old Fogie, signifying those who have reached their third or greater anniversary.


This appears after some people's signatures and measures time since the last cigarette smoked (or plug chewed, etc.).

For someone who had 3 weeks, 2 days, and 4 hours of smoke free time behind them, the meter would look something like this: 3w2d4h.

Whether you keep track of your time or not is completely up to you! Some people prefer not to.