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What is the best method for quitting?

The best method to use for quitting is the method that works for you. If one method doesn't help, try another! Don't let external images get in the way of your success (such as, it's weak to use the patch, or acupuncture is too New Age). Whatever works for you is a good method - with one big caution: be very wary of using unmedical miracle cures you may see advertised on the WWW or - gasp! - occasionally on AS3. They can be, at best, very overpriced, and at worst, dangerous. Please be cautioned that AS3 does not condone or encourage the practice of advertising on Usenet, and it does not recommend any product which may be advertised on the group.

Here is information on some conventional and not so conventional tools for smoking cessation, along with some feedback from AS3 members. And remember, being prepared is key, no matter which method you try.