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What is the Quit List?

The Quit List is a list of members' names, e-mail addresses, and dates of quitting. It is posted to AS3 weekly by Susan S., [email protected] The list serves as a group directory, and also gives many people a sense of commitment, accountability, and joy as they see newer quitters join the list, pushing their entry down. There is no obligation to be included on the list. But if you want to be, ask the current maintainer of the QL, to put you on whenever you feel ready: before your quit date, once you've established one; the week of your quit date; or at any point afterwards. Susan is also the person to contact when your information changes. To guarantee that she sees your requests and updates, contact her by e-mail rather than via the group. Also, please do not ask to have someone added to the list without their consent; this has been known to backfire.