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Why Alt.Support.Stop-Smoking?

Posted by Ian Fraigun, August 1995:

"Joyce, you have hit exactly on why this group has seen so much success among its posters, even those with a number of relapses before final success. First, everyone here is going, or has recently or not so recently gone, through the exact same thing. Second, nobody will give you negative judgements if you do slip or relapse, just encouragement to get back on the wagon. Third, cussing ranting raving whining and all those other no-no's in polite society are accepted here if it helps get you through the night or day or hour or minute or whatever. Last, besides the great suggestions and helpful information, we can get to see people with as little willpower as we have who are succeeding, and that builds our resolve and determination in the tough times so we can continue on our quest. I can still think of at least 5 occasions where just the thought of the people here and telling them I had slipped was the only thing that kept me from bumming and smoking one. I might still be where I am today but surely not without a number of slips on the path. Nothing I have ever seen before has had the impact on me that this group has and I will be around for many years because I see the support and kind words keeping me smoke-free the rest of my life."