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Chances are that you've come to SilkQuit.Org today because you've decided that this is the year you will quit smoking and change your life. Let me just assure you that you CAN do it and if you keep on trying you WILL do it!

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In our opinion, the best place to get quit smoking support is (as3). Founded in 1994 and originally a Usenet newsgroup this forum is second to none. You can join in at

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Quit Meter Rational Emotive Therapy
Cold Turkey The Nicotine Patch
Nicotine Gum Nicotine Nasal Spray
Cutting Down Acupuncture / Acupressure
Hypnosis Herbs
Cream of Tartar Zyban and Other Antidepressants
Allen Carr Mecamylamine and the Patch
Alternative Healing Will it ever get any easier?