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How to configure your Quit Meter for chewing tobacco

We've received a number of requests from tobacco chewers for a meter which specifically supports their efforts. In particular, the removal of references to cigarettes and smoking. We will be accommodating this request fully in a later release of SilkQuit. In the meantime, the following instructions can be used to configure SilkQuit for tobacco chewers.

Step 1: Change your taskbar settings

a) Bring up SilkQuit's main window and click on the Change Quit Details button.


b) In the "Taskbar Display Settings" group, check the items "Show seconds" and "Show amount saved". Uncheck the items "Show cigarettes not smoked" and "Show life saved".


Step 2: Change your hot-paste TaurusScript

By default, SilkQuit includes cigarettes not smoked and life saved in your hot-paste text. If you press CTRL = you'll see something like the following appear;

Nine years, eleven months, four weeks, 10 hours, 55 minutes and 26 seconds. 109483 cigarettes not smoked, saving $53,647.60. Life saved: 1 year, 2 weeks, 2 days, 3 hours, 35 minutes.

We're going to modify this text by removing references to cigarettes not smoked and life saved.

Nine years, eleven months, four weeks, 10 hours, 55 minutes and 26 seconds. Saving $53,647.60.

a) In the "Hot-Paste Options" group, click on the Edit Primary button.


The Hot-Paste Editor dialog will now be displayed. At the top is the editor control which will contain the default TaurusScript used to form your hot-paste text.


Simply replace all of this text with the following TaurusScript:

{^{*{>{A}{*{-Y} year{#Yl}, }{*{-M} month{#Ml}, }{*{-W} week{#Wl}, }{*{-D} day{#Dl}, }{1}{*{-h} hour{#hl}, }{+m} minute{#ml} and {+s} second{#sl}.} Saving {+$}.}}



Save the change by clicking on the "Save Hot-Paste Text" button.